Spring 2020 Update

Spring 2020 Update

Start of 2020 saw plenty of rain and storms with the usual poaching around the feeders but all the stock were well fed and remained in good health.

Jack spent the winter with the other forest run stallions in a very chilled and relaxed state. The stallion pool consists of approx 15 stallions and all graze together on land provided by the Verderers. 

Corvid 19 !! who would have though we would all see this. As far as our stock at home and on the forest there was little effect in fact much fewer cars using the forest roads made fewer than normal road accidents which is really good news. We are hoping the camping will be allowed to start this year but we will wait and see.

We are expecting 8 foals this spring and all are sired by Jack.

We hope you all stay safe.

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  • Nugs Posted 6 April 2021 12:46 pm

    Jack is looking fabulous

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