Pony Breeding

Muddycreek New Forest Pony is a family run New Forest Commoning Unit. We are positioned on the edge of the coastal Village of Milford on Sea some 3 miles south from the National Park open heathland. We manage a small herd of New Forest Ponies and Cattle including Sway Scrumpy Jack our New Forest Stallion.

Sway Scrumpy Jack information
Jack was chosen to run out at East End this year from May to early July. He went out looking fantastic and is doing a brilliant job.

Scrumpy Jack

Jack at Setley 2017 - Photo by Jenny Branwhite

Latchmoor Drift 2020

Latchmoor Drift 2020 with over 120 mare and foals managed.
Latchmoor Drift 2020 commoners hot brands.

Stock List

The Boys

Sway Scrumpy Jack NFS48/601 Stallion, Sire Limekiln Survivor, Dam Belle Vue Daisy Chain Born Jul-06.

Tiptoe Sundance
Bay Gelding New Forest Gelding. NFS42/034, Born May1999.


The Girls

Strawberry 1 Mockbeggar Rising Sun NFM47/310 Mare, Sire Warren Play-Away, Dam Mockbeggar Sunlight, Born May-05

Bluebell 2 Muddycreek Blue Velvet NFM580219, Sire Sway Mr Blue Sky, Dam Tulip / Beach Girl, Dark Bay Born May 16

Biscuit 3 Rushmoor Fran NFM48/453 Mare, Sire Furzey Lodge Benjamin, Dam Rushmoor Frances, Born May-06

Tulip 4 Beach Girl NFM48/452 Mare, Sire Lovelyhill Cranborne Heights, Dam Monkshorn Cuckoo 2, Born May-06

Hetty 5 Muddycreek Hetty NFM580217, Sire Sway Mr Blu Sky, Dam Katie Aldermoor Andrea NFM46/700

Honey 6 Pigbush Kerry NFM49/374 Mare, Sire Moortown Nobby, Dam Brookshill Beechleaf, Born 2 May-07

Fleur 7 Muddycreek Fleur Dy Lys, NFM580218, Sire Sway Mr Blue Sky, Dam Gracie / Hollybrooke Wild Rose. Grey Born May 2016

Flo 8 Wellow Flo NFM47/667 Mare, Sire Faircross Ranger, Dam Wellow Florence, Born May-05

Fizz 9 Muddycreek Fizz NFM580216, Sire Sway Mr Blue Sky, Dam Mockbegger Rising Sun, Born May-16

Belle 10 Kingsgarn Kim NFM49/294 Mare, Sire Ashley Golden Wonder, Dam Longslade Faggott, Born 10/04/2007

Truffels 11 Pigbush Lively Fling NFM50?381 Mare, Sire Sandhole Whispering Glass, Dam Celandine, Born May-08

Gracie 12 Hollybrooke Wild Rose NFM48/044 Mare, Sire Portmore Pickle, Dam Akercombe Bramble, Born Jun-06

Caramel 13 Mallards Wood Sundew NFM50/352 Mare, Sire Burley Dunedin, Dam Sundrop, Born May-08

Katie 14 Aldermoor Andrea NFM46/700 Mare. Sire Woody Blue Mist, Dam Pikeshill Andrea. Born 2004

Bear 15 Bear Shetland X Mare Unknown Unknown, Born 2004

Baby Belle 16 Muddycreek Baby Belle Filly 2012

Muffin 17 Muddycreek Muffin filly 2015, Sire Sway Scrumpy Jack, Dam: Caramel

Arya 18 Muddycreek Arya 2018, Sire Sway Scrumpy Jack, Dam: Belle

Peanut 19 Muddycreek Peanut 2018, Sire Sway Scrumpy Jack, Dam: Wellow Flo

Young Stock

Muddycreek Colours Gold (Crumble) – Colt
Muddycreek First Melody – Filly
Muddycreek Mayhem – Colt
Muddycreek Free Spirit – Filly

Muddycreek Sweet Pea – Filly
Muddycreek Pip – Colt
Muddycreek Promise – Colt
Muddycreek Peppa – Colt
Muddycreek Nutmeg – Filly
Muddycreek Marina – Filly

Muddycreek Drummer – Colt
Muddyreek Jelly Bean – Colt
Muddycreek Baby Belle – Filly
Muddycreek Cotton Candy – Filly


Muddycreek Little Jox – Colt
Muddycreek Millars Boy – Colt
Muddycreek Impressionist – Colt
Muddycreek Magician – Colt
Muddycreek Beach Boy – Colt

Muddycreek Bees Knees – Colt
Muddycreek Muffin – Filly

Muddycreek Fleur – Filly
Muddycreek Pumpkin Patch – Filly
Muddycreek Hetty – Filly
Muddycreek Fizz – Filly
Muddycreek Blue Velvet – Filly
Muddycreek Dragonfly – Colt
Muddycreek Wizard – Colt

Muddycreek Milford – Colt
Muddycreek Freddy – Colt
Muddycreek Alfie – Colt

Muddycreek Cheeky Charlie – Colt
Muddycreek Caspian – Colt
Muddycreek Monty – Colt
Muddycreek Surprise – Colt
Muddycreek Arya – Filly
Muddycreek Peanut – Filly

Muddycreek Hector – Colt
Muddycreek Theodore – Colt
Muddycreek Mint – Filly

2020 (Sire Sway Scrumpy Jack)
Muddycreek Wilfred – Colt by Caramel
Muddycreek Thomas – Colt by Honey
Muddycreek Edmund – Colt by Tulip
Muddycreek Yogi – Colt by Bear
Muddycreek Popcorn – Filly by Flo
Muddycreek Supernova – Filly by Muffin
Muddycreek Minstrel – Filly by Biscuit
Muddycreek Mango – Filly by Belle
Muddycreek Mallow – Filly by Strawberry


2022 (Sire Brookshill Jasper)

Muddycreek Sunrise – Filly by Caramel
Muddycreek Pebble – Filly by Nina
Muddycreek Warrior- Colt by Baby Belle
Muddycreek Betty Boo – Filly by Hetty
Muddycreek Fidget – Colt by Fizz
Muddycreek Harry Whiskers – Colt by Grace
Muddycreek Jubilee – Colt by Tulip
Muddycreek Clue – Filly by Arya
Muddycreek Queenie – Filly by Honey

Our Horses

Sway Scrumpy Jack
Winter 2015.
Simones Firecracker NFY51/187 SOLD 2016
Cracker after schooling 2015.
Tiptoe Sundance
Cracker after schooling 2015.
Jockser keeping an eye on his hind leg and the farrier 2015.
Muffin’s filly foal, April 2020
Strawberry’s filly foal, April 2020
Belle’s filly foal, April 2020 named ‘Muddycreek Lockdown’
Forest mares at home February 2021.
Muddycreek Colt 2017
Caramel’s colt foal, May 2020 named ‘Muddycreek Wilfred’
Tulip’s and colt foal, May 2020