Spring 2020

Start of 2020 saw plenty of rain and storms with the usual poaching around the feeders but all the stock were well fed and remained in good health.

Jack spent the winter with the other forest run stallions in a very chilled and relaxed state. The stallion pool consists of approx 15 stallions and all graze together on land provided by the Verderers. 

Corvid 19 !! who would have though we would all see this. As far as our stock at home and on the forest there was little effect in fact much fewer cars using the forest roads made fewer than normal road accidents which is really good news. We are hoping the camping will be allowed to start this year but we will wait and see.

We are expecting 8 foals this spring and all are sired by Jack.

We hope you all stay safe.

Winter 2019 and all stock are at home for the remaining winter months. Although last summer was  hot and very dry period we managed to make plenty of hay before the camping season. A big thank you to all our wonderful campers who kept the camp fires burning and the amazing reviews we received. We hope the weather in 2019 will be better than last and all who stay will have a fabulous time. 

Jack is to run on the open forest this year 2016. He will be one of fifteen stallions to cover forest mares that are in season.The total number of stallions to be turned out has increased by five. 

Jack came 3rd place in the forest run New Forest Stallion Class at the Breed Show 2015. We are very please with his result as the competition was strong. 


2015 Camping was another great year for us and a really big thank you to all that came. We hope to make 2016 even better for you all. 


A big thank you to all our campers during these last few years and thank you also to those who wrote the reviews on UK Campsites website.


The forest herd is back home for the winter and are doing very nicely on the haylage which was cut early summer 2014. 

Cracker was placed 1st at the Ellingham Show in the New Forest Ridden class 42 - 13.2hh and over. Cracker was broken only 5 weeks ago by Karen Knock and some early work by Jo. We are thrilled with the result and look forward to Nancy and Cracker becoming a great team. Show date 09/08/14.

First at Ellingham 

Great News - Sway Scrumpy Jack has been selected by the New Forest Verderers to cover mares on the open forest this spring. The turn out period will be from middle of May to middle of June with a max of 4 weeks however, we will be looking collect after week 3.


Keep you posted on the forest turn-out area






New Forest Hounds Spring Show


To be held at our ground in Milford on Sea on Sunday 5th May 2013.


Please come along and join in the fun. Entries on the day





Forest Turn-out 2013


Depastured 13 mares on Forest 16/04/13. They have all herded up nicely together. One dun mare in foal and looks like she will foal by end of this April.






Stock Losses 2012

We have sadly lost a few ponies during 2012. One foal, one mare and its still to painful to mention the third. Not a good year however, we have had a few new additions and so life goes on.

A big thank you to all out campers who stayed with us in 2012 and hope to see you again this summer.

New Forest Show

Jack came in 6th place in the New Forest Stallion Class out of a class of 15. We are thrilled with this result and a massive thank you goes to Michelle and Sam for getting him groomed to perfection. 

Camping Ground

Have nearly finished setting up the camping facilities, just the last bit of electrical works to finish and the arrival of the showers which should be delivered on Wednesday and commissioned on Thursday 26th July. 

Bookings have been great and looking forward to all having a fun time. If the weather holds out o boy.

Rayner has moved back with Jox and the home gang.

The mossies are out in the evenings so don't forget to pack lighters for fire making and some mossie spray.


Sway Scrumpy Jack

Jack is booked in to show in the stallion class at the New Forest Show on Wednesday 25th July 2012. Will let you know how he gets on. 

From the Commoners Defence Association (CDA) website

To celebrate the landmark event of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the CDA has decided to “Perambulate the Boundary of the Crown Lands of the New Forest”. The last recorded perambulation was in 1839, the first in 1215. Records also show perambulations in the reigns of Edward I and Charles II, led by named Verderers.



The Elizabeth II Perambulation by the Commoners and Verderers of the New Forest  will be run over two days on the weekend of 4/5th August, 2012. The event will comprise a relay of some 13 rides of 3 to 5 miles each, corresponding where possible to the original Walks and Bailiwicks of the Forest. Ride leaders are required to ensure a safe recreational ride, at an acceptable pace for all, not a “point to point” or an “endurance” event.



CDA members and practising commoners are invited to apply. Family groups are encouraged and priority will be given to those entries with riders on Forest ponies. All riders participate at their “own risk” and must carry their own insurance. Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult rider.



The first Ride will receive the Official Verderer’s talisman at 10.00am on Saturday at Bolton’s Bench and set out for Longdown. Ride 2, mustering at Longdown Carpark, will receive the talisman and head for Ride 3 at Hardley Bridge, and so on. Day 1, and Ride 7 will conclude at the Head Agister’s holding near the “Rising Sun” in, Sway/Wootton, hopefully at about 4.00 pm.



 On Sunday, Ride 8 will head out at 10.00 towards Irons Gate with handovers at Thorney Hill, Picket Post, Abbots Well, Bramshaw Telegraph etc. Ride 13 will conclude at Bolton’s Bench where the Official Verderer will receive the talisman, and with the assembled company, return it to the Verderers Court.


The Rides will not cross the A31, A337, A35 (except Wootton) etc. Ride Leaders will walk the talisman across or under these roads handing over to the next ride mustering on the other side.


A one day reconnaissance event will be held on 1st July 2012 to prove the suitability of the intended route. This pre-run will involve just a few selected riders in each section of the 13 rides to ensure that the route is viable, safe and free of fallen trees, boggy areas etc. reporting back on all key issues to ensure the suitability of the main ride.


It is expected that those participating in the pre-run will make themselves available to steward the main ride in their respective areas. Both the pre-run and the main ride will be used as CDA publicity opportunities with the latter, a major news item.

Gracie has foaled a colt

Gracie has produced a wonderful colt foal, a colt filly foal or filly colt foal as the saying goes. Black as night but will turn grey. He was spotted on day one and on day two he approached with interest and now if not careful he will jump on you. He is busy when not asleep, sniffing and running around closely followed by mum. Well done mum.

New Forest Hounds Spring Show

Hopefully more to come. We are very pleased to have the New Forest Hounds hold their spring show at our land in Milford on Sea. The day was sunny throughout and was great fun for all, a well organised event, well done you guys.

Belle has had a filly foal

Belle gave birth in the paddock to a fine filly on Wednesday 04/04/12 and both are doing well. She is full sister to First Melody who is now 2 years old. As the weather had turned cold both mare and foal are stabled at night on a bed of straw. We have upped her feed to a bit of hay, haylage and some nuts during the night. 

Both mare and foal will be turned out on the forest went the foal is strong enough so she can learn about all the lions and tigers.

Sway Scrumpy Jack has started his breaking in period

I spent 3.5 hours last Sunday 11/03/12 trying to catch Jack in a field full of his pals. Now, I know he has not seen me on a regular basis and the visits I made during the winter I could not get up close so knew it was going to be tough. Determined that he was coming out of this field with me I followed him pretty much over the whole field and he in both walk and trot. He headed off to the various groups of stallions dotted around and when I caught up with him he managed to always have at least one stallion between us. Eventually he stopped on the other side of a pal and I moved my hand across his pals back toward him. A few sniffs all it took and his head collar was on without a flinch, he just stood there. Lead rope on and we both walked out calmly though Zennica was nipping his hind. Thank goodness as I was about to give up too. 

So Jack is with some very good friends who are putting him to work and will post on his progress.

New Forest Hounds Spring Show 2012
We had a meeting with the New Forest Hounds and hopefully they shall hold their 2012 Spring Show on our land at Milford. The Show will be held on Sunday 13th May. Will keep you posted.
Belle, Flo, and Gracie are in foal
We shall see 3 foals by Sway Scrumpy Jack this year. We hope to see them around May time all being well. All three mums are now off the forest and on good hay to keep them up.

Boxing Day Point To Point 2011 Monday 26th December
Finish North of The A31


Ponies not to exceed 15hh. Riders 55 years and over. Rockley cup to the winner.


Registered New Forest ponies. Riders 55 years and over Tanner cup to the winner. Prizes and entry fees in both sections £10,£6,£4,Entry fee £4.


Children not to have attained their 14th birthday by closing date of entries. Pulteney Cup to the winner. Prizes £6,£4,£3, Entry fee £2.50. Cup/Memento to best novicechild (never to have won a 1st in NF Races)


hildren who have attained their 14th birthday, but not their 17th by closing date of entries. Beaulieu Road cup to winner. Prizes and entry fee as in race 2. Cup in memory of Charlotte Smith to best novice child.(Never to have won a 1st in NF Races)


to the best turned out pony and rider in race 2 or 3. Races 1 to 3 are run over a distance of approximately one and a half miles


Slipper cup to the winner. Registered New Forest Ponies. For young commoners who turn out in their own name and have attained the age of 16,but not the age of 30 before closing date of entries. Must be ridden by the owner. Special form to be completed. Prizes and entry fees as race 1. To run with Race 5 unless at least 4 entries forward on the day.


Star Trophy to the winner. Prizes and entry fee as race 1. To run with Race 4 unless at least 4 entries forward on the day.


For New Forest ponies which have not won a Registerd New Forest Pony Race. Eileen Lockyer Cup to winner. Prizes and entry fee as race 1.


Highwood Trophy to the winner. See special conditions. Minimum weight to be carried 15 st. Minimum height 15.2hh. Prizes and entry fee as race 1. To run with Race 8 and/or Race 9 unless at least 4 entries forward on the day.


For ponies not exceeding 15hh. Cree cup to winner. Presidents cup to first registered 1st cross or part bred New Forest to cross the Finish. See special conditions. Prizes and entry fee as race 1. To run with Race 7 and/or Race 9 unless at least 4 entries forward on the day.


Goofy cup to the winner, Joy cup to the first registered 1st cross or part bred to finish. See Special Conditions. Prizes and entry fee as race 1. To run with Race 8 and/or Race 9 unless at least 4 entries forward on the day.

Races 4 to 9 are run over a distance of approximately three miles.

Muddycreek Pip and Sweat Pea have been sold at Beaulieu Road 20/10/11
Pip was 4th in the pre-sale foal show and was very well behaved, sad to see them go but pleased they have nice new owners. Overall the sale prices were very very low on the day which comes at no surprise due to the resession. I think we will aim to stop breeding as a result and focus on what we have left.
Muddycreek Bourbon sadly didnt recover from his injuries on the forest.
Sway Scrumpy Jack wins the Bramble Cup and 2nd Class Premiums.
What a great result we are thrilled with todays results at the Breed Show held at New Park. He behaved himself all the way and he shall be spoilt these next few days.
Muddycreek Nutmeg has been sold and will be heading off to her new home in November.        
Her new owners are really lovely and we will look forward to hearing about her development in the future. 
Sway Scrumpy Jack is coming off the forest  (Backley) 11/06/11
Jack is coming home this Saturday the 11/06/11 and is covering our mares. He is also available to cover / put to stud. please contact me if interested. Stud fee £200 + £10.00 a week keep.
Sway Scrumpy Jack is running on the forest 14/05/11
We all met at 8am this morning to round up the stallions going out on the forest today. The stallions were soon gathered from a field and everyone headed off in various directions. I put a bit of haylage in a net for him for the trip and didn't hear a whisper until he spotted a mare near the drop off at Backley. We finally stopped at Backley Plain where there were a dozen or so mares. Reflective collar on, we cut him loose and that was that. We watched him for a while as he gathered the mares in a group around a small clump and every now and again one or two would break away and he soon rounded them back in. There was a chap filming it all so spoke to him.and he said he was filming aspects of the forest for a BBC doc. It may or may not be used he said. Hope it is.
Altogether 21 stallions were turned out today and they will be out for one month.