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Jack at Setley 2017
Photo by Jenny Branwhite

Latchmoor Drift 2020 with over 120 mare and foals managed. 

 Latchmoor Drift 2020 

Latchmoor Drift 2020 commoners hot brands

Muddycreek Colt 2017.  


Website update: News page updated with Spring 2020 and new foal pics added to Our Horses page. 

Muddycreek New Forest Pony is a family run New Forest Commoning Unit. We are positioned on the edge of the coastal Village of Milford on Sea some 3 miles south from the National Park open heathland. 
We manage a small herd of New Forest Ponies and Cattle including Sway Scrumpy Jack our New Forest Stallion. 
Sway Scrumpy Jack information:-

Jack did not run out on the open forest in 2020 although he is retained in the Verderers Stallion Scheme. There were only 10 stallions turned out on the open forest between May and June this year.


Sway Scrumpy Jack winter 2015.
Forest mares at home February 2021 
 Jack at Wilverley Plain 2018

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Sway Scrumpy Jack 2013

Sway Scrumpy Jack winter 2014